Tips for extending your home into your patio

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In warmer weather, patios transform into the ultimate gathering space for backyard barbecues, reading, relaxing or even exercising. These outdoor rooms become an extension of the house, seamlessly merging the outdoors inside and vice versa. Think about outdoor and indoor living spaces collectively, and choose a design that integrates them into one seamless space. Incorporate elements from the patio into the house and elements from inside into your backyard patio design.

1. Start with a patio door that will set the stage for your transformation.
The privacy of a backyard allows you to be adventurous when choosing a patio door. With many design options available, it’s easy to find the style that suits your home.
2. Choose a sleek sliding patio door to compliment or create a clean look, or if you’re short of floor space. An elegant French or hinged patio door is a good option for homes with ample open floor space.
3. Select a patio door that accents the look you want, like stylish grilles, or convenient between-the-glass blinds or shades for added privacy, plus a variety of hardware, exterior and interior finishes. Many patio doors offer a retractable Rolscreen that helps keep insects out while letting in fresh air.
4. If energy efficiency is your top priority, look for a patio door that is Energy Star-qualified to help maximize potential energy savings and year-round comfort.

Continue your transformation with landscaping both inside and out to combine the areas. If your patio connects to the kitchen, potted herb plants indoors blend beautifully with potted flowers on the patio. In settings where a patio connects to a living room, potted small trees inside connect well with planted trees framing your patio. Complete your indoor/outdoor gathering space by using similar materials between the two spaces. If you have decorative woodwork inside, bring it out on the deck with furniture, wooden boxes for your potted plants, in the railings (if needed) or even the trim on the house. Or if you have a lot of fabric inside, carry that over to your patio with weather-tolerant fabrics on your patio furniture. With these transformations, your beautiful patio space will quickly become the top destination in your home. – adapted by YourVilla Staff