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Why are hand-built pianos the best in the world? Primarily, the two distinct differences are their materials and craftsmanship.
MATERIALS – Pianos considered as ‘the finest in the world’ contain the very best woods available for the tonal and structural elements in the piano (and many times the most difficult woods to source).
European spruce is used for the soundboards as the soundboard is the ‘speaker system’ of the piano. Along with exacting design elements to maximize tonal projection and sustain, only the finest ‘musical instrument quality’ spruce is used for the soundboard in premium, hand-built pianos.
The inner rim – the pianos frame – is also critically important and must be made of very hard wood. The best pianos use maple or beech in the rim to create the structural strength necessary to resist any potential movement caused by the nearly 20 tons of pressure imposed by the string tension in grand pianos. Movement in the frame causes the piano to go out of tune.
CRAFTSMANSHIP – The slow processes which are only possible when building pianos one at a time allow for the proper seasoning of the woods, and the absolute precision required for all internal elements to fit and work together properly.
In the case of Bösendorfer (Vienna Austria), Steinway & Sons (Hamburg and New York), and Premium Yamaha (CF series) pianos, only the highest-level craftsmen in the factory are tasked with producing them. The emphasis is on quality, not production schedules. In fact, the annual production of hand-built pianos produced in each of these factories is only around 2000 on the high side and as few as 250 per year. That compares with tens-of-thousands of pianos which can come out of a single piano factory using mass-production techniques.
Another underlying difference in premier, hand-built pianos is
their long-term value. It is a fact that prices on pianos like Steinway
& Sons, Bösendorfer and others have risen dramatically over time.
In some cases, a piano purchased in 1975, today commands a price over 9 times its original cost.
The quality, uniqueness and certainly the price reflect the difference as well. Take an opportunity to see and hear slow-process, ‘hand-built’ pianos and compare side by side with the best mass-produced pianos in the world. Even the untrained eyes and ears will quickly notice the difference.
A final thought about collectible, heirloom pianos. It is impossible to place a value on the enjoyment of a product which maintains its classic and unique beauty, and which can be passed down through
a family for generations.
Such are the pianos which will be on display during the Premium Piano Exhibition and Sale event March 1st through the 13th, exclusively at SoCal Pianos on Highway 111 in Palm Desert.
Call today at (877) 992-7676 to make an appointment to experience these one-of-a-kind pianos.