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As the four-year drought continues across California, everyone statewide is being required to reduce their water use and adhere to statewide water-use restrictions.

Here are some irrigation tips to help you save water in your landscape this summer:
• Maintain a regular irrigation schedule that is mindful of your water agencies’ adopted water-use restrictions.
• Download a free drought irrigation guide at
• Repair broken sprinkler heads to maintain pressure and to reduce water waste. A broken sprinkler head can waste more than 500 gallons of water per week and continue to cause other sprinklers on the system to malfunction.
• Irrigate only between sunset and sunrise to avoid loss of water to evaporation.
• In addition, unexpected sprinkler or irrigation problems can cause significant water waste and a jump in your water bill. Make sure your HOA, a friend or trusted gardener will keep an eye on your irrigation system while you are gone.
If CVWD notices a problem, staff will try to alert you by phone or door hanger. Call Customer Service to update your contact information.


Visit for more water wise tips, information about water-use restrictions and drought penalties.