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Bleu Stone Paving Ltd. is a company devoted to providing unwavering principles of quality, integrity, and value. We are interlocking paving stone specialists offering exceptional results at an affordable cost.

Interlocking stone pavers are a unique product and system that excels in its ability to provide a beautiful, functional, and extremely durable surface for your outdoor lifestyle. The result is dramatic and surprisingly affordable. We will work with you to create a look that both you AND Bleu Stone Paving will take pride in.

Peter Mack started his business in Alberta, Canada as a fully qualified Inter-Provincial Certified mason. He expanded the business and under his leadership it grew to become dominant around the time of the Calgary Winter Olympics of 1988. The Fine Arts Building in Banff Alberta, hotels and many provincial government projects stand as a testament to his skill and experience in the world of high end construction.

On holiday in California in 1990, Peter decided to move to the warmer climates of the sunshine state. He brought to California his many skills, not least those of expertise, craftsmanship, honest work and business practice.

It was at this time that Peter became aware of the need for stone paving in California. His experience in Canada taught him that the base or foundation of stone paving is a primary importance. Coming from a part of the world where frost can permeate into the ground two feet or more, then heave and slump massively during the Spring thaws, Peter’s experience in extreme cold weather assures Bleu Stone clients of deep, solid permanence in their paving projects.

Serving Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and the South Bay areas.